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Heston Road, Hounslow

Providing a first-floor rear extension to an existing single storey family dwelling. 

Arcadius Group was commissioned by the client's architect to oversee the structural design of the superstructures for their upcoming project.

Arcadius Group takes pride in its expertise in enhancing residential spaces, and one of our recent projects involved the addition of a first-floor rear extension to an existing family dwelling. We flowlessly integrated innovative design with practical functionality, ensuring that families can enjoy their expanded living space that meets their unique needs. Through meticulous planning and precise execution, we transformed the existing dwelling, creating a harmonious blend of old and new while maximising both space and comfort. At Arcadius Group, we're committed to redefining homes, one extension at a time, to provide families with the extra space they desire while enhancing the overall value and appeal of their properties.

Replingham Road, Wandsworth

Replingham Road, Wandsworth

Providing additional residential units to the loft of an existing commercial premises. 

Arcadius Group's Ongoing Project: Rooftop Development in Wandsworth


Our team at Arcadius Group is currently immersed in a rooftop development venture for our valued client. The project entails the incorporation of two new residential units into an existing commercial  building located in the vibrant neighbourhood of Wandsworth.


Given the building's history of multiple refurbishments and modifications over the years, our approach to this project has been anchored in thoroughness and safety. We initiated a comprehensive intrusive survey of the structure to craft structural proposals that prioritise both safety and durability.

Elm Street Close, Ashford

Elm Street Close, Ashford

This project focused on converting and extending a residential property into a single-family home. We achieved this by adding a one-story rear extension and implementing a loft dormer conversion. These changes expanded the available space and introduced an open-plan layout on the ground floor.

Arcadius Group was commissioned by the client's architect to oversee the structural design of both the sub and superstructures for their upcoming project. To address critical foundation and party wall concerns, we devised and specified strip foundations, expertly accommodating the needs of the proposed extension and satisfying party wall requirements. This precise foundation design not only ensured robust structural support but also contributed to the expeditious construction process on-site. 

Employing innovative engineering, we precisely integrated a steel box frame into the design, bolstering the first-floor gable wall and fortifying the overall structural resilience against horizontal wind loading. Our commitment to modernisation shone through as we introduced a fusion of steel and timber elements throughout the house, reshaping the structural arrangement and achieving a contemporary, visually appealing look. The attic structure, engineered to be the slimmest and lightest possible, provided maximum headroom as desired by the client, and facilitated the hassle-free transport of steel beams.

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